After the closedown of Progressbar, a hackerspace I’ve led and managed for the past 10 years, it was left me withdrawn from the outer world.

Hackerspaces have their own pros and cons and I really recommend someone get hands-on leading a super diverse group of people, helping them on their…

We’ve decided to do sub0 airdrop and it was quite good, with some hiccups on the way.

Let’s elaborate on metrics it has generated for us and post mortem.

This is it! Beautiful sub0 NFT by deepologic

How it started

We’re thinking about how to use some KodaDot powerful features and dog food on our own platform. …

After our recent write-up on numbers, KodaDot has generated for a lifetime, it’s time to put focus on new features, how users can benefit from using KodaDot and help Creators Economy flourish in Kusama ecosystem

Our core ethos is to provide on Kusama NFT explorer and produce useful public good

Our core values of KodaDot were born as being open-source software, accessible to anyone and with active participation, learning from the issues we have (160+), incentivization scheme we’ve had for developers and best of all, an awesome product with early ownership for anyone.

In this article, we will dig through…

Today we want to announce our strategic partnership between Kodadot and SubQuery Network.

Kodadot is a carbon-neutral Kusama native NFT platform that uses the RMRK protocol. Users can mint, transfer, and burn NFTs on the network. …

With every tap, by every click your meat stick does, your brain consumes new information nowadays.

But probably only a few mindfully realize, what they put into their heads. That’s why it’s important to do housekeeping every once in a while. Thanks to the Internet and digital social media, we…

Hello, we've already knowledge from doing so it was easier for us stay on Polkadot/Kusama as we've opportunity to grow there

Probably everyone knows that possessions could easily become a great distraction in your life. Can you let them go?

Probably you ever heard about Maria Kondo's technique — “Does it spark joy?” Once you can answer this, you can take action accordingly.

Photo by R_ R on Unsplash

Is minimalism phase?

It’s great to try out and you will…

Thank you, you just need take reasonable decisions! :)

Everyday decision making has infinite leverage nowadays — whenever it’s through code, investments, your everyday actions have on your body, mind, family, society, portfolio, you name it.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

One could probably be at this point somewhere in life, where one is not yet aware of how or why to invest time…

Matej Nemček 🌱🌍

experimental NFT landscape —

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