Thank you, you just need take reasonable decisions! :)

Everyday decision making has infinite leverage nowadays — whenever it’s through code, investments, your everyday actions have on your body, mind, family, society, portfolio, you name it.

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One could probably be at this point somewhere in life, where one is not yet aware of how or why to invest time to maximize returns. The best is to learn through incentivization curves in the world where you are well paid off. Your brain will be eventually rewarded, with positive emotions.

Healthy diet — start simple

The simplest brain exercise would be, whenever you eat a healthy diet, your body will repay it with brain clarity, stellar…

The simulation hypothesis or simulation theory is the proposal that all of reality, including the Earth and the rest of the universe, could in fact be an artificial simulation — Simulation Hypothesis

This would be more like the tip of the iceberg what are possible “outcomes” on the family of the simulation hypothesis. Briefly condensated food for thought from more perspectives.

Since the computation era came up with virtualization abilities, human nature found about simulation possession. Human creatures are curious thus we want to run ancestor simulations.

Ancestor Simulations

High-fidelity simulations of ancestral life that would be indistinguishable from reality to the…

Terraformation is a goal to make the planet habitable for Earth-like life. I’ve tried to construct honest wisdom on how to mitigate climate change and various adversarial effects which could put our planet in an irreversible state for life on the planet, accounting for societal and economic transformations. Title inspiration came from a podcast with Yishan Wong: Forest as a service.

Constraints for habitats

I’ll briefly draft constraints for humans. You need quality air, diverse wet soil, something to drink, usually water. Now flip to the absence of habitation properties.

Filthy Air — I guess you don’t want to exist with gas masks…

How could one distinguish between human creation and content generated by GPT-3 &c? Aren’t they the same? Are we entering to generative age? What’s adds provenance and creates humanity attributes to your digital crafts?

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This article is a bit induced by CGI avatars — visually & infinite appealing representation of human-like faces and Metaverses — new (digital) worlds dimensions and their movement on the web, especially in the web3. Human still writes this article in its own time frame. …

You’ve probably heard about a story, where a man develops a relationship with Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), an artificially intelligent virtual assistant personified through a female voice. — 2013

The past is just a story we keep telling ourselves.

Later on, there was a take from Google, to infiltrate virtual AI assistants in your life, followed by books and other cyberpunks. Quite unrealistic from start you would say — 2016.

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5 years later — moat has been created

I’m trying to be the guinea pig to try bleeding edge tech so I’ve given it a hit. Went to get Philips Hue and basic assistant. Linked Spotify. Configured routine to…

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There is a storyline that I’ve transitioned from working in an office-style to be 9–5 at the home office for past years. Thus I’m really friendly to re: learn stuff in a new way to explore & preserve to be adaptable. Now I’ll probably be transitioning again because of work and relax as well in a new location. Thus I’m building a framework to thrive better every day in comfort way, owning less.

No news, that in this digital-first era, especially during lockdowns and post-pandemic, people get easily jump on the burnout train. You may be one, soon.

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The reason could be numerous. I personally see that people living on the planet Earth have bills to exist and live in comfort way, need resources to eat so similarly they need to produce some value to get paid and survive.

Maybe (crypto)UBI could help this, who knows. Speaking to family-dynamics or various politics-oriented issues, you may be a victim of burnout down spiral.

Let’s briefly try to identify signals and stages of upcoming burnout…

Part of our Milestone 1 was to deliver way how you could embed NFTs from into other websites in a fashionable way.

</> How it works

We will take the example NFT mint from the gallery, Sound of Nature. Once we are looking on NFT item detail, in the sharing area we will click on </>. After the click, the code snippet will be copied to your clipboard. That’s it, simple as that. We welcome non-tech savvy users and we are trying to make an easy task for them.

How to copy iframe code for your website

iframe code — what’s inside

Copied code to your clipboard looks like this:

title="Check this…

Wanderer ride to the render. Our story of what we’ve accomplished.

We made NFT Gallery on the top of Kusama using RMRK standard. This was our Milestone 1, the first step towards our Meta dreams of NFT Gallery and sort of our dreamy Metaverse. Our Team went dream journey over the last couple of weeks and with the help of our exceptional community we were able to accomplish this goal of building NFT Gallery. This article will guide you through our accomplishments and highlight what we accomplished.

We are a talented and humble team that is ready for everyday challenges and trying new things. This has framed our continuous efforts towards…

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