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  • Gear Technologies

    Gear Technologies

    A new Polkadot/Kusama parachain and most advanced smart-contract engine allowing anyone to launch any dApp. Easiest and cost-effective way to run WebAssembly

  • damsky


    Content creator, Community builder, learning to write and code

  • Kilian Kukelka

    Kilian Kukelka

  • Elodie Dincuff

    Elodie Dincuff

    I often write about brand marketing, community programs, platforms, events and tend to use too many emojis. 💁‍♀️

  • Takens Theorem

    Takens Theorem

    Dynamic distributed data displays. Intermittent. Friendly.

  • XyloDrone


  • Yan Michalevsky

    Yan Michalevsky

  • Composable Finance

    Composable Finance

    The face of DeFi's future.

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