I’ve isolated myself during Covid19 and you can live like that too during the next upcoming waves

Matej Nemček 🌱🌍
5 min readSep 9, 2020

You may find some good tips you can incorporate into your lifestyle today and you may benefit from your inner peace.

The aim of my isolation was to lower the chances to be dependent on the outer system and mitigate potential risks to get in touch with infected species or items.


  • Excercise in woods
  • Single food replacement
  • Work From Home
  • Minimalist living
  • Streaming packages
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Excercise in woods

As a healthy human, you need exercise, best every day. I did that by getting an e-bike and it gives me an elevated state of mind and in return, I receive energy levels into my cells. Feels good.

Going for a while in heart rate zone 2 may increase your mitochondrial respiration [1] [2] and probably upgrade neuroplasticity faster. In short, you get a new income of “powerhouse”. Mind the road bikers. They ride in Z2/Z3 and you’ve may notice how fast they speak. That’s how their brain is getting interconnected and how fast they are assembling thoughts. I’m not a neuroscientist. DYOR.

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The point here is, I bike in the woods, where I leverage forest bathing. It works for me. Lowering anxiety levels while I have meditative states on the bike and time to be alone, just with myself.

Time alone is important nowadays while screen times are all-time high and your brain is getting mental damage to be constantly online and interacting with others.

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While I bike, I do various techniques, like reflection, gratitude and all things you have time while you are disconnected from the world.

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Single Food replacement — limit grocery time

I’ve decided to live on shakes, called food category Soylent which is the meal replacement. I went with Plenny Shake Active v3 as they put there pre &probiotics, it’s high in protein, and low in Glycemic Index. Mostly it’s plant-based so it’s vegan-friendly, also you save on the price per meal as dining out or virtual kitchens might get pricey.

The reason to live on shakes was to limit grocery time and price per meal. From the original meal price from the virtual kitchen or dining out — 10€/meal went to 1.31€.

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Work From Home — new normal

I don’t commute to work and I work from home. I have worked from home before so this is beyond this article and you may adapt to some habits and routines. I was writing on this topic before. You may want to read it.

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Minimalist living — inner peace

The takeaway here is I limited stuff I have at home. I put most of the stuff on the local Craiglist as the only things I need are I could put into my 🎒 backpack.

Literally, I just need a notebook — earn a penny, do stuff as I’m a software engineer and bike — maintain my health state. I can rent the rest stuff when I need it or I will have the desire to try it out.

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What you get in return while selling most of your stuff is a clean and minimalist apartment. It literally frees your mind. The rule here is stuff you don’t use once per week you literally don’t need to hold. I’ve hold stuff in 3k€ and counting.

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A lot of small stuff around you is anchoring your mind to some memories.🧠 When you remove visual clutter you perform far better with your focus. The only thing I want to keep is probably plants.

Amazon Prime Scout robot

📦 Shopping around — streaming stuff into home

I’ve learned that my precious time has much higher value than going outside to pick it. Traveling and get the stuff. I’ve learned to get stuff just with click from home. However courier are highest risk to get infected from, your chances are still lower than going outside, use public transport, walk and so on. Hope something like drone delivery will be distributed, everywhere.

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🧘‍♀️ Conclusion

Aim of article was to navigate you through lowering of chances to get infected 🦠

The next steps for me would get probably AR/VR headset. Yes, it sounds utopian, but sometimes you want to experience the “outer artificial” world somehow and I sense this is the best available option nowadays to keep yourself hygienic and stay away from the virus and consequences.


Any worth tips I should incorporate into an isolated lifestyle? Leave your tips in the comments and I can credit you in article! I eager to learn more.