How to get a bounty — really easy

Matej Nemček 🌱🌍
3 min readApr 29, 2019

Back in February 2019, I was curious 🤔 to look up various bounty networks for some 🍯 honey.

After quick research, there were only a few options left:

I was going through bounties and looking for something quick I could achieve in the evening, just to try out the whole process. I found one bounty from which had extended the deadline, raising my chances to get one ✌️

I read about Totle a bit and found it like a liquidity aggregator for various DEXes, to optimize pricing and route orders to multiple exchanges in one request. Many possibilities, I think could be the backbone for payment systems, exchanges, and other open financial apps. It’s also connected with RadarRelay, Bancor, UniSwap, AirSwap, Bancor and others.

I went through their documentation and found it pretty easy going. Then I went directly to their Telegram group to catch the vibe and chat about the idea with the Totle team, if it’s feasible, qualified and worth submission. I came up with a Telegram bot for showing the best ask and bid prices for pre-selected popular tokens in the first version. For the second version, I planned to solely run on serverless ( and make it available for everyone around the Totle community.

I made Telegram bot, called Bandy for Totle, it was up & running from my computer. One significant part of the bot environment is that you don’t need to think about the interface that much, only scenes and flow. Even hosting, because it works out from anywhere, great for Proof of Concepts.

Later on, I went back and filled the bounty, noting my honest experience with their API.

After the expiration of the deadline, they evaluated the submissions and decided to split the budget between four of us.

After this I was amazed by the whole experience, we issued few bounties for to fix few issues, like UX for Android and iOS wallets, typos in the documentation, creating MVP, writing articles, we received more than 25 submissions so far.

Two months later, I met one of the co-founders of at EthCapeTown and was intrigued by their new feature, virtual hackathons. Also having physical locations, where these hackathons could be held is an excellent idea, like participating from more places at one hackathon, something like NASA space apps.

Fast forward to now, I have issued a bounty to organize an event in our blockchain coworking space, Progressbar, in Bratislava. Also if ever you will come visit Bratislava, you are welcome in our space, just don’t forget to join our telegram channel.